Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Many believe that the kitchen is the heart of every home. This is the center of most major gatherings, like cooking the Turkey for Thanksgiving or preparing the eggnog for Christmas, and most families spend a lot of their time preparing food together or doing the dishes. It’s not surprising that remodeling the kitchen to the specific taste and needs of the homeowner is always one of the priorities.Kitchen remodling ideas

Kitchen renovations can be very costly, especially if you’re doing it blindly. There are a lot factors you have to consider, like how much you are willing to spend, the functionality of the space, and what vibe you want to go for. Planning that out and doing your research significantly lowers not just the cost of a kitchen remodel, but also the effort that you have to put into updating every part of the space.

It’s important not to confine yourself with mainstream renovation ideas, rather open yourself up to suggestions online or in themed stores. You can even get inspiration from your friends or your favorite TV show. This project in an opportunity for you to rely your creativity, smarts and personal taste. To help you along, here are some kitchen remodel ideas, ranging from the practical to the obscure and imaginative. Hopefully, it helps you achieve that dream kitchen.

Follow a design theme

A lot of homeowners, especially those who inherited the furnishing of their kitchen, are not happy with the look or use of the space. Instead of removing things they don’t like, they settle for covering them or layering them with what they brought from their old house. There is nothing wrong with respecting the original design and interior of the space, but clashing designs often make the space feel more cluttered than it is.

For you not make the same mistake, decide on how you want the space to look from the get-go. Do yo like an extravagant Dutch-inspired kitchen or a more modern, industrial feel? This allows you to focus on only buying furnitures, appliances and fixtures that fit the theme, making it look and actually be less cluttered.

When picking a theme, make sure that it’s not a spur-of-the-moment thing because you will have to live with this design for at least a few years. Consider our personal aesthetic and the vibe of the whole house. Also, any theme you want to go with should be well within your budget because there are some themes that are more expensive than others to pull off.

Open it up

A lot of people live in small spaces, but very few would want to feel that they do. Naturally, it’s important for smaller kitchens to appear bigger and be less cluttered. Not only is that more comfortable, it’s also safer. That best way to do that is to open it up.

There a lot of ways to open up a space, including the following:

  • Try an open concept living space, where you don’t have divisions between the kitchen, living space and the dining room. This means tearing down a couple of walls though.
  • Remove or do away with a bulky island that obstructs the openness of the space
  • Add windows around the counter or whichever wall is available because the brighter the room, the bigger it appears.
  • Try a more modern approach to cabinets: removing the doors. That way you are able to see everything inside, conditioning you to streamline its content. It’s also safer because opening cupboard doors in a small space is not easy. You end up hitting your head or someone else’s

Work with what you have

Fall in love again by doing kitchen renovations at home

It’s ideal to do the kitchen entirely to your taste, but it’s not always the case. In fact, in the majority of cases, you buy a house where some walls cannot be torn down and the pipes just come exposed. Changing them around is both costly and a structural hazard. Instead of spending an extortionate amount of money on that, opt to work with these features instead. If you have exposed pipes, then incorporate them into one of your kitchen remodel ideas.

Some examples on how to work with different features in your kitchen:

  • Repaint them with a color that fits your style and vibe of the room better. For example, an old brass light fixture, which can look dated, can be painted with matte black. It would instantaneously look more modern.
  • If a feature is too expensive to update, update everything that surrounds it. A vintage island can look more industrial by changing the drawer handles to metal or applying more modern countertop covers. These little additions are far less expensive than changing the bigger furnitures and appliances you have.
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