How To Become An HVAC Technician

HVAC technicians are in high demand in many employment sectors. Becoming a technician yourself can be a terrific career move that will put you on the path to better pay, more benefits, and a more rewarding career overall. In order to maximize your opportunities as a technician, keep the advice below in mind. By taking these steps to enter this career path, you will make sure that you are on the road to success even before you take your first job offer.

Get the Proper Education

small-aNo matter what you intend to do with your HVAC certification, school is important. To become a technician, you will need to have completed high school or passed your GED exam. You should also consider entering a trade school or community college for further training if you can afford it. HVAC technicians will particularly benefit from math and engineering courses, which will provide important skills that can be translated into a work environment. Even after you have completed the necessary schooling, you should keep further education in mind. Squeezing in a continuing education course here and there will help you keep up with the latest tools of the trade and advancing technology.

Learn on the Job

The best way to get the experience you need to become a technician is to seek out an apprenticeship. You might be able to find apprenticeships in your area by checking with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, the National Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors, or a similar reputable organization. These groups often have directories of potential apprenticeships that you can make use of when you go looking for work. If there are no apprenticeships in your area, do not lose heart. While it is less ideal, you can get some on the job training by working at a company that does employ certified HVAC technicians. Most technicians are willing to train newcomers in the field.

Prepare for your Certification

nate-Check with your state and municipal governments to determine the requirements for HVAC certification. Two excellent trade institutes that can help you along this road are the North American Technician Excellence Program and the Air Conditioning Excellence Coalition. These groups are both recognized throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico for their excellence. When you have the required amount of training and feel that you are ready to enter the industry on your own, take any necessary tests required locally. Once you have fulfilled all the certification requirements, it’s just a matter of hitting the job market and looking for the HVAC technician position that is right for you.

Typically, your training period will take anywhere from three to five years. Once you enter the field as an HVAC technician, you can expect relatively low wages to start, but the longer you work and the more experience you get under your belt the better your pay will become. By taking the necessary steps to make sure you are ready, you will have a much easier time building up your career as a HVAC technician.

Author: Vernon Hewitt

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